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Tacos & Traditions: Brittany's Al Pastor Recipe

Growing up, traditions were a strong part of our family. We had little details throughout the seasons that I could always plan on with great expectation. It also helped that I grew up in a Star's Hallow-esque town where we always a festival or parade to celebrate all kinds of things. Fast forward to my adult years, I continue to carry these beloved traditions with me. When my now husband and I began dating he joked I could make a “tradition” out of just about anything... Which is where my connection to traditions and tacos begins. Tacos have long been one of my top two favorite foods, toggling between that and cheeseburgers, and my taco loving heart was crushed when he informed me in our early dating years...

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Food to Create Memories Around: Brittany's Tortellini Soup Recipe

Welcome to my table! The favorite part of my day is gathering my people and making food that sustains them. When you come together, even for the simplest meals to chat, something special happens: food makes memories. I’m sure it says a lot about me that so many of my memories include food: I can sit down for a bowl of risotto and remember the last time I ate it, the people I was with, and what we talked about. I knew Joelle and I would be fast friends when we discovered our equal love for all things food. It was one of those days that Joelle was newly pregnant and could barely eat a thing. Every winter, my mom...

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