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Better Home-Brewing

Coffee - the drink that fuels the world. One of my favorite things about it is its inherent ability to draw people together, surpassing the barriers of rank, race, and religion. Coffee brings unity, keeps us running, and just makes us ​happy. One challenge many face is not knowing where to start when it comes to making a good cup of coffee at home. Due to their ease of operation, the Mr. Coffee and K-cup revolution has held precedence in the average household for far too long. It’s a common misconception that home-brewing drip methods are inaccessible to the average person or take too long to perform. In reality, giving yourself an extra five to ten minutes and acquiring some...

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So Much to Offer: Our MLPS Food Guide

When most people hear “Minneapolis”, they think one thing: cold. Having spent the majority of my life growing up in the Twin Cities area, I can confirm that, while cold, Minneapolis has so much more to offer than just bitter freezing temperatures and vowel-induced accents. In fact, even though I’ve spent much of the last six years of my life trying to adventure outside of the Minnesota “bubble”, I continue coming back to the cities as perhaps one of my favorite places to visit. Minnesota remains one of the most active states in the US per capita and if walking/biking on any one of the gorgeous state trails doesn’t float your boat, one of our more than 10,000 lakes surely will....

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Home Sweet Home: An Apartment Tour

Welcome to my home sweet home! I recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to pursue a 6-month long ministry training program with Elevation Church called ‘2K2’ after interning and leading the internship for the church during the Summer and Fall of 2017. I absolutely L-O-V-E Charlotte and it’s been a dream of mine to live in North Carolina for the past few years, so seeing the Lord fulfill this dream beyond what I could ever imagine for myself has been amazing. I currently live in a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house with two of my really good friends and co-workers, Sam and Taylor, and the light of our lives - Sam’s pug, Chubbs. He really is the best part of coming home...

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Our Chicago City Guide

I've called Chicago home for a little while now, and I believe everyone who visits this city walks away a little better than when they arrived. When I first moved to Chicago, I came solely because I was drawn to the city lifestyle and the opportunities that stood on its busy blocks. The longer I've lived here, though, the more I've realized Chicago is so much more than just another urban hub. With a little something for everyone and something new to see everyday, Chicago is a place that has captured my heart. Whether you’re taking the train in for a day trip or heading out for a weekend getaway, I've compiled (as difficult as it was) just ten things I think...

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Small Business Saturday: Our Small Business Story

Hi there! Joelle McNamara, Founder of Badala here! 👋🏻   I wanted to take some time on this Small Business Saturday to re-live some of Badala's early days, reflect on how we got to where we are, and share a bit of our story with you.  I didn't start this company with loads of capital. I started with a box of cupcake mix and an egg. I heard about people in the world who were starving, so I did the only thing 17-year-old me could think to do; I started doing bake sales to raise money at my high school. It was with that money that we purchased our first work materials, to make our very first product: a bracelet that was made in the homes of the first...

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