Embrace a New Season: Haley’s Fall Decor Refresh

As the weather changes outside, our home yearns for a refresh. I love finding ways to switch up the house to embrace a new season. Here are just a few ways we are bringing the autumnal weather indoors.

Rotate throws and pillows - Most households are quick to collect decorative pillows and cozy throw blankets. Rather than buying new pillows and blankets, consider gathering up your current collection from the bedrooms and sofas. Redistribute them throughout the house to bring a new look to your rooms. Of course, if you are interested in purchasing a new pillow, you should definitely check out the Carala Tassel Pillow
Decorate with local produce - Plan a trip to the farmers market or snag some fall foliage from your local grocer. I picked up a bouquet of flowers and a few little pumpkins. I love splitting a bouquet into multiple small mason jars to sprinkle throughout the house. You can pair the pumpkins along with your fall flowers, or make them a stand alone feature. 
Bake a seasonal treat - There's nothing quite like walking through your front door to the smell of baked goods. Whether it's homemade applesauce from a recent trip to the orchard or fresh pumpkin bread for an upcoming bake sale, there is something about scent-memory that puts us in a cheerful mindset. (Not one to enter a kitchen? Snag some fall-scented soaps, candles, or incense!) Of course every treat looks prettier on the Baraka Cheese Board
Get crafty - If you're one of this folks who loves to create, then gather up for supplies and get to work! There are so many little projects on the web that take less than an hour and will brighten your home. Or you can snag a banner from the Target dollar section like I did. Options abound! 
Hang a wreath - A simple way to update the outside of your house is with a wreath. You can find a real wreath at a local florist, make one yourself, of pick up a fake wreath to use to years to come. Either way, it's a colorful touch to welcome the new season and your dinner guests.
Do you have other ideas? Share them in the comments below! 

by Haley Earley


Haley Earley is a photographer and designer based in Saint Paul, MN. She loves NCIS and has a slight addiction to Mickey-D's vanilla iced coffee. She blogs at EarleyBirds.com and you can follow more of her adventures at @haley.earley on Instagram.


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