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A Small Business Story

Hi there! Joelle McNamara, Founder of Badala here! 👋🏻   I wanted to take some time on this Small Business Saturday to re-live some of Badala's early days, reflect on how we got to where we are, and share a bit of our story with you.  I didn't start this company with loads of capital. I started with a box of cupcake mix and an egg. I heard about people in the world who were starving, so I did the only thing 17-year-old me could think to do; I started doing bake sales to raise money at my high school. It was with that money that we purchased our first work materials, to make our very first product: this bracelet that was made in the homes of...

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Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, we’re making it easy to shop for everyone on your list. Shop all of our favorite things for all of your favorite people!

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